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Attentive Anxiety Counselling for South Brisbane to Woolloongabba

Anxiety can quickly transform from a sensation of butterflies in the stomach to a crippling, seizing fear, rendering someone incapable of performing seemingly basic tasks. This is not uncommon. Many will experience some form of anxiety in their life. Symptoms can and will vary, like bodily sensations such as nausea from a sickened stomach, an elevated heart rate or taught muscles to excessive sweating, and troubled sleeping – to name a few. Experienced on a daily basis, these symptomsy are likely to impact on your day to day functioning.

If you feel that something needs to change, it is likely that this is the case. Seeking counselling for anxiety can provide much valued relief and understanding. Contact Psychotherapy in Brisbane if you wish to learn more


Anxiety effects people from all walks of life and can be triggered by different stimuli at any given time. Being unable to communicate, feeling anxious when not listened to, is not uncommon.

Psychotherapy is tailored to the individual and provides a space in which talking through an issue is made possible. Being listened to attentively and with empathy is one of the cornerstones of psychotherapy. Simply talking and listening pave the way to change. This helps understand, identify and clarify underlying issues and ingrained patterns of behaviour. It helps gain insight into the nature of anxiety and deeply rooted patterns. The psychotherapeutic approach is highly sophisticated and very effective for people experiencing anxiety.

Contact Psychotherapy in Brisbane for

anxiety counselling

The hardest step is gaining the momentum to search for the solution. Taking the first step is crucial. When you reach out, we can begin to provide help. Whether it be anxiety, or another issue, such as depression or PSTD, we listen. 

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