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Trauma and PTSD Counselling

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Psychological trauma, past or present, describes an event in which someone has experienced or witnessed trauma, abuse or violence, and has had no support to help them process the event and heal from it.

Trauma, including childhood trauma, is experienced as a life-threatening or altering event and brings out different responses in different people. For many it is difficult to recognise how traumatic events of the past are related to present challenges.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can effect many areas of a person's life and can impact substantially on a person's mental and physical health, their wellbeing, relationships and work opportunities.

Talking about traumatic experiences is difficult for most people. Although it is important to talk about what happened, it is equally important, to share your story only when you are ready and only when you feel that it is safe to do so. Seeking professional help and talking about your experiences within a safe environment contributes significantly to the recovery process.

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